Partnerships 4 Families Board

The Partnerships 4 Families Board is made up of early childhood advocates from Audubon, Carroll, Greene and Guthrie Counties. They meet ten times a year on the third Friday of the month at 10:30 AM in Carroll, at New Opportunities. The P4F Board is responsible for the oversight of empowerment funding that comes to our four counties and to build an early childhood system with in the four counties. Our meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Agenda and Minutes


 January 2018  No Meeting P4F Minutes
 February 2018 Agenda P4F Feb 2018 Canceled  P4F Minutes
March 2018  Agenda P4F
April  2018  Agenda P4F  P4F Minutes
May 2018  Agenda P4F  P4F Minutes
June 2018  Agenda P4F  P4F Minutes
July 2018  Agenda P4F P4F Minutes
September 2018  Agenda P4F  P4F Minutes
October 2018  No Meeting
November 2018  Agenda P4F  P4F Minutes


January  2017 Agenda P4F Jan 2017 P4F Minutes Jan 2017
February 2017 Agenda P4F Feb 2017 P4F Minutes Feb 2017
March 2017 No Meeting No Meeting
April 2017 Agenda P4F April 2017 P4F Minutes April 2017
May 2017 Agenda P4F May 2017 P4F Minutes May 2017
June 2017 Agenda P4F June 2017 P4F Minutes June 2017
July 2017 Agenda P4F July 2017 P4F Minutes July 21 2017
August 2017 No Meeting
No Meeting
September 2017 Agenda P4F Sept 2017 P4F Minutes September 2017
October 2017 No Meeting No Meeting
 November 2017 Agenda P4F Nov 2017 Posted after approval
December 2017 No Meeting No Meeting

Yearly Plan

P4F Calendar of Events FY 2018

Board Members

Partnerships 4 Families is always looking for early childhood advocates to serve on the board. If you would be interested in serving please fill out an application and return it to our coordinator. Following is a list of our current membership.

P4F Board Members Sept 2017


Information About P4F Board membership 2017

Currently recruiting new board members for 2 positions to be filled immediately.

By Laws

P4F BYLAWS Sept 2017

Annual Report

P4F Annual Report to Office of Early Childhood Iowa (Please email Cindy Duhrkopf for this information)
Program Data and Financials

Early Childhood Community Plan

P4F 2016 Early Childhood Community Plan P4F EC CP 2016

Professional Development Opportunities for P4F Board members and others


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