10 questions parents of children 0-5 have

1- We are having a baby, now what?

2- How do we find quality child care?

3- What programs are available in our county for early childhood?

4- How do we establish a sleep routine with our child?

5- When should we start reading to our child?

6- My child just hit the _______ (insert: terrible twos, horrible threes, smarter than parent 4’s) what do I do?

7- Why should we have a regular family meal time?

8- Where do we find family friendly activities in rural Iowa?

9- Where do I find a list of preschools for by 3 or 4 year old?

10- How do we prepare our child for kindergarten?

Didn’t find your question, go to the Early Childhood Iowa Parent website and look for resources for 100’s of questions. http://www.state.ia.us/earlychildhood/parents/index.html

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